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Crystal healing is referred to as “laying-on-of-stones”, or “an array of stones”. The “laying-on-of-stones” can be used for initiating physical healing, astral traveling, releasing karma, shamanic journeying, deprogramming self-restricting beliefs, or any number of other things.

Arrays are both symbolic and physical, providing an energy transfer from the minerals to the client. Crystal energy helps to harmonize conflicting elements of body, spirit and mind. In addition, each array has its own individual energy personality. Crystal work can be combined with Reiki, which enhances both healing methods.

Preconceptions surrounding crystal work made me hesitant to explore how crystals could be an integral part of healing. However, knowing that crystals are used as amplifiers in electronic devices, and knowing that my Reiki work could be supplemented, I took a workshop in the “Melody Crystal Method.” I felt profound changes in myself as a result of my experience in class, and so I decided to add stones to my healing methods at The Rock Center. As a Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master healer, I truly believe that this is the next logical step in a person’s spiritual journey.

Here's what my customers are saying...

“I came in with watery, weepy eyes. It is much improved since the crystal healing. Thank you!”
-Pam E.

“I think the rock healing really changed my life! I’m getting my spirituality back, and it’s really great!
-Therese H.

“Thank you so much for the crystal healing! I feel like I have shifted into a new space, both for work and for my personal life!”
-Alice R.

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