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Chakra Balancing



Chakra balancing is usually done as a complement to Reiki.  The chakras are centers of energy, “computers” of the body, if you will.  There are seven major chakras, lining up vertically in the center of your body, on the front and back of your body.  If one of these “computers” gets out of whack either with itself or with the other chakras, you will see imbalances and dis-ease in the person.  Because chakras both receive and transmit energies for creative or destructive purposes, a person with unbalanced chakras is not only harming themselves, but also harming their environment.  (Think about a tornado with lots of debris in it, throwing the debris randomly out into the air.  That is essentially what a person with unbalanced chakras does to their environment.)  Balancing the chakras can restore the person’s energy level and allow good health to flow freely in the person, as well as restoring harmony to their environment.

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