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“Gaye offered Reiki to me when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  I knew nothing about it, but I had asked God for a miracle, so I was willing to try anything.  I received two sessions that lasted 30 – 40 minutes each.  I felt the heat of Gaye’s hands and a tremendously calming feeling came over me.  The result of the treatments was that when I had surgery one week later to remove the orange-sized lump diagnosed by xray, the obstetric surgeon only found a pea-sized lump, which he removed.  Also, apparently there was a fistula [bladder tear] which I didn’t know about previous to the surgery.  The urologist, who had seen the tear on an xray, was at a loss to explain how that miraculously disappeared.  Both doctors were amazed; I am certain a miracle occurred, as I recovered within a few weeks, and am cancer-free to this day, years later.”  -Yvonne L.

“I sought Reiki as a non-surgical solution to muscular and neurological degeneration as a result of Gillaume-Barre disease contracted in my 30’s (patient is now in her 70’s). I wanted healing, and as I felt the warmth of the energy, I felt a sense of well-being and contentment.  I have since had several treatments for various ailments, and have had my knee fixed, my instep has improved, and most importantly, my toe dysplasia was fixed, and I can still walk.  I love the Reiki energy, and would (and have) recommend it to everyone.  I know it works.”   -Val A.

"Thanks, Gaye. Theo's been purring constantly - which has never happened before. I take that to mean that he's feeling pretty good, in general." - Barbara R.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate twhat you wrote about forgiveness. Today, I met with my step-dad to discuss our relationship...and I was so glad to have read it before my Dad and I talked. [As you said in the article], I want to work at what I'm FOR rather than AGAINST. I want a goal of PEACE rather than being RIGHT. Thank you for writing about such an important topic."  -Cyn W.

"Gaye gave quality time of herself. She told me what she felt, why it might be, and how to manage it. What a valuable experience."-Debbie A.

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