The Rock Center.

About Gaye

I was born to a medical doctor and his wife, and discovered my own healing ability in 1998, when I got my first healing attunement in Usui Reiki.  Since that time, I have been facilitating healing in both people and animals.  I am fortunate to have received attunements from William Lee Rand, Kathryn Ward-Hall, Karen Hunsberger, and Bob Wolfe. Opening the Rock Center in 2009 was the fulfillment of my dream of opening a healing practice for people and animals.

I have been grooming since 1995.  During that time, I've witnessed the frustrations of owners who had pets in poor health, and pets with behavior problems.  The result of observing these relationships, helpless to do anything about their problems, is what led me to seek out the ability to solve those problems for people.  

I knew that in addition to the healing energy of Reiki, there had to be a way to communicate with the animals. In 2000, an animal communicator named Jeri Ryan came to my hometown and she taught me the Penelope Smith method of animal communication.


Gaye Rock * 413 North Bullard Street * Silver City, NM * USA * 88061
Phone: (575) 956-5200 

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