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Here's what my customers are saying...

“Gaye Rock has an intuitive communion with animals.  She has enhanced this ability and has practiced this art with measurable results.  While on vacation in a distant state, we awoke to our elderly Golden Retriever, Barney, in a pool of blood.  The local veterinarian recommended returning home for tests on an oral tumor.  Because the dog was in distress, we phoned Gaye to ask her to communicate that plan to Barney.   As we packed, we were surprised by Gaye calling back stating the dog was asking for more space in the car on the return trip.  Gaye could not know we had moved furnishings with us on the outgoing journey, leaving a single slot for our 110 lb. dog.  We didn’t consider this to be cruel, because we, too, were equally cramped for those 10 hours. 

“Our present dog has a strong herding instinct. Unfortunately, we were unable to arrest her nasty, aggressive behavior toward large machinery on car trips.  Chelsea told Gaye we should warn her that road equipment was imminent.  She described to Gaye that once in aggression mode, she was unable to curtail her unpleasant behavior.  Now we caution her on approach to bulldozers, and she passes them by without incident!”                        -Val A.

“Several years ago, Gaye Rock did a reading for our “problem dog”.  Phoebe had a nasty habit of urinating in the house as soon as we would leave for work.   She ruined many carpets and wood floors in the house.  My husband threatened that if she didn’t stop, we would have to find a new home for the dog.  Phoebe told Gaye she wanted to be walked, instead of using the back yard to urinate.  She also said that our cats scared her, and she wouldn’t mind staying in her crate during the day, that she would feel safer.  Problem solved for Phoebe, who still has her happy home thanks to Gaye’s ability.”-Phyllis D.

“My concerns were the loss of my bird, Spencer (which was tragic), if he was in a place of peace, and if he understood [how much I loved him].  Her reading received from Spencer was very emotional:  I found it quite helpful, as it helped me find peace, self-forgiveness, and freedom.  Most of all, I have been able to let go of his sweet spirit and send him on, knowing without Gaye’s help and loving understanding, I alone would not have been able to reach that much-desired freedom that I and my bird, Spencer, so righteously desired.  I found Gaye to be very personable, professional, and very talented.  I highly recommend her.” -Lisa V.

Gaye did a reading of my bulldog, Link, and it gave my family a great understanding of our dog.  We learned that he felt his job was to protect and amuse our children, especially our son.  We learned that he likes to go sledding, which is a favorite thing our family loves to do when it snows.  The reading made us feel very connected to our dog.  I am glad to know that he will always protect my children, and that he searched us out.  I will be having Gaye do another reading of our other dog, Lizzie, because we could really use her help with understanding Lizzie, and why she does the things she does.  I highly recommend Gaye, she has a gift with animals and they respond well to her.”  -Terry S.

"...Mr Miracle seems better-I still have him on brown rice and cottage cheese...he thinks the TUMS are treats!"  -Gwen L.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the reading with Parker. We are even closer now and have a good understanding of each other's needs. I am doing my best to hold up my end of the deal by running with him and getting him vigorous exercise. He seems to understand better the danger of the highways. We had a great experience with you, thank you very much!" -Genevieve M.

"Thank you. He's been much better about not sneaking up on the  bed at night. I don't think he even tried last night." -Martha E.

"Thank you, Gaye. I am SO HAPPY to find out that Jasmine isn't uncomfortable being ridden. Between worrying about falling off and and worrying about hurting her, I've been almost paralyzed for quite a long time. One thing that was very interesting yesterday is that her speed was pretty even, pretty constant. That's a fairly new thing with us, and it feels great! I take that as a strong indication that the saddle is NOT hurting her and was glad to get that confirmed." -Barbara F.

"Already there seems to be a calmness about Meg and a little more joy from Daisy." -Sharleen D.

"The dogs were all wonderful, no problems! Thank you so much for your help with all of this! Oh, and no marking either!" -Marguerite S.

"We have been to Grandma's house once, and Shelly was quite well behaved. I keep reminding her of our agreement and she responds. You have certainly given me a new way of thinking about communicating with our canine family. I LOVE IT! I can feel it has raised the vibration of our family." -Jacquie H.

"Tigger is looking better and loves the liver! Amazing!" -Tim O.

"Hi Gaye,
It seems that Mika has settled in and all is well in her new home. I waited until last Monday to call them - figured three days was all I could handle without an update - and the Meyers were thrilled. Mika was doing well with no litterbox issues. It's been over a week with no issues to report. Thanks so much for your help - I really appreciate it. Of couse since this was so successful, it does mean that I will be calling on you again for your help. :)"

Animal Communication Class

I want to thank you for giving me the oppoortunity to attend the Animal Communication Class. The class itself was beyond words ... one of the best yet. You only get better and better.
And for me; this class not only taught me how to communicate with animals but so many things about myself and how I see things. And because of that, I do believe that I will do better with my Reiki as well. I learned that some things that work for others may not work for me but that is okay because I also discovered how things do work for me. And perhaps, in time, I will be able to see "pictures" because now I think I can stop trying so hard - and by doing that, the odds are that the pictures will come in time. You have no idea what a blessing that is for me.
The class also instilled a confidence in me that I didn't have before and I do believe that is because of the way you teach. I know that everyone in the car going home was "stoked"!
I just wanted you to know that you are a great teacher and get better each time you do a class. I know your future is very bright and before too terribly long, classes will be your full-time job. That is really exciting. Watching you move into this has been very inspiring for me.
Thank you."

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